St. Paulís Church started life in the 12th Century where the Church of St. Maryís now stands. The church fell into ruin around 1520 but the churchyard was used for burials until 1838.


The present St. Paulís began life as the Chapel to the Manor House, but due to the original parish church being in ruins the private chapel was consecrated as the parish church in1838. Various parts of the original church were added to St. Paulís over many years; stone remnants were used for the chapel and also a scratch dial (used in the Middle Ages). In 1926, Walton in Gordano became the village it is today (it originally encompassed part of Clevedon) thus allowing St. Paulís to be the only parish church. St. Paulís today continues to have special services throughout the year: Plough Sunday (January), Rogation Sunday (May), Flower Festival (August) and Harvest Festival (Autumn).


We are also fortunate in this village to have the only village shop in the Gordano Valley Having originated as an Ale House in the late 1800s it continued to be the village store until it closed in 1992. In 2006 a villager (Emma Edwards) decided to re-open the shop and it has once again taken its place as the heart of the community. Cross Tree Stores is open Monday to Saturday 8:30 -6pm and Sundays 8:30-1pm.